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Trade Bead rope

$190.00 / Sold Out

Gail's incredible sequin worms (strung on sturdy memory wire) are impossible to describe. Not only are they beautiful, but they are fluid, everchanging (ah, the light on and in the sequins...) and light as a feather to wear.

Each one has its own personality. Some of the sequins are vintage, never to come again. In some cases, the rope of them represents the entire known quantity; what a concept.

The price of each piece will reflect the nature, provenance, and process of the materials. They often feature lucite, seed beads, handmade glass, sewn components, glass leaves, sequin or vinyl leaves.. as Gail says, her entire studio is fair game when it's time to tip a sequin wrap.

Each is unique, made with love and care, and can comfortably fit various areas of the body. Please contact Gail with specific questions: